Who Is the Best Caregiver to Your Aging Dad?

Your dad is getting older and having a hard time with his independence. He doesn’t want to leave his home, but he has a harder time getting down the basement stairs to the laundry room or leaving the house to get the mail. Arthritis pain makes it hard for him to be on his feet for too long.

When your dad needs help around the home, what can he do to protect his independence? Have you looked into the benefits of caregivers?

What Do Caregivers Do?

Home Care Palm Beach County, FL: Seniors and Caregivers

Home Care Palm Beach County, FL: Seniors and Caregivers

A caregiver, whether it’s you, a family friend, or a paid professional, helps your dad around the home. He has someone to help with housework, meal preparation, laundry, personal hygiene, and transportation. If he needs help remembering to take his medications, that’s also an option.

When your dad has a caregiver, he has someone arriving at the same time each day or as needed. If he needs help all day, his caregiver would arrive before breakfast to help him with tasks like hygiene and grooming, meal preparation, housework, and more. 

Whatever he needs is offered to ensure he remains independent as he ages in his home. Ideally, you want to help him enough to prevent him from risking his health or safety, but you don’t want to take over and strip him of his independence and dignity.

Are You the Best Caregiver? 

Many families believe that caregivers should be an adult child or grandchild. Are you the best caregiver? It’s not always true. Your dad may not want you to be the one to help him out. You need to ask what he prefers. He needs to be involved in his care.

Your dad might be okay with you cooking his meals and taking him shopping, but he draws the line at having you help him with showering and oral care. He doesn’t want you to help him clean up after using the toilet or having an accident.

Go over what care your dad needs each day. Ask him who he’d want to help him out with the different tasks. You may find that his preferences lead to a need to have both family caregivers and paid professionals. Use that to come up with the ideal care plan.

What If You or Another Family Member Can’t Help Him?

Sometimes, family members are not a good fit. Home care aides are an excellent solution when your dad needs care but family members can’t help out. Whether you’re busy with careers, families of your own, or your dad refuses to allow his children to help out, home care services are beneficial.

To arrange home care services, call an agency or fill out the online form. You’ll learn more about the availability, services, and prices before you book the care your dad needs.

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