Elderly Foot Care Tips for the Summer

When it comes to your elderly loved one’s long-term health, there are many things that you may need to think about. You might instantly think about their skin or heart health, which is important, but what about their feet? Foot health is often left aside, with most people thinking it isn’t that big of a deal – what could cause such severe foot issues? Well, there are numerous issues that happen with the feet of senior citizens, especially in the summer. With this being said, there are some foot care tips that you and in-home care providers should share with your elderly loved one this summer.

Washing and Drying Their Feet Every Day

In-Home Care Palm Beach County, FL: Foot Care Tips

In-Home Care Palm Beach County, FL: Foot Care Tips

Being outside in the summer can be such a fun time. However, did you know that each foot has about 125,000 sweat glands which leave plenty of room for fungi and bacteria to grow and build up? This is just one reason why it is vital that your elderly loved one wash and fully dry their feet every day. It can greatly reduce the chances of any developing skin conditions or infections. If you or an in-home care provider notice any signs of infection on your elderly loved one’s feet, be sure they see a doctor as soon as possible, so things don’t get worse. 

Always Wear Sunblock Outdoors

Many senior citizens don’t mind wearing sunblock sometimes, but they don’t remember every time they go outside in the summer. Or your elderly loved one may only think they need to wear sunblock when the sun is high up in the sky, not blocked by any clouds. The sun is powerful and even when you can’t see it well, the rays can still cause radiation on the skin. Not only that, but most people don’t think to put sunblock on their feet which is highly important as the sun can affect the feet just as easily as the rest of the body. 

Toenails and Barefeet Care

When your elderly loved one continues to age, they are going to deal with brittle, thinner nails and skin that is less elastic. Basically, this means they will need to pay closer attention to their nail care and be sure they aren’t picking or trimming at their skin. Ingrown toenails seem to be a big problem for the elderly, along with calluses. If either of these are issues for your elderly loved one, you may want to hire in-home care providers to help care for them. You should also encourage your elderly loved one to wear sandals when in public locations, as that will help prevent foot infections such as athlete’s foot. 


Your elderly loved one must take care of their feet. There are numerous foot health issues that can occur in senior citizens. However, now that you are aware of this and you have some tips to help your elderly loved one keep up with their foot health, you can share this information with them. 

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