Is Home Care Right for Your Senior Mom or Dad?

Home Care in Palm Beach County FLAs your senior loved one gets older they may lose their partner or spouse and family may move out, meaning they now live alone. Even if you as an adult child visit your mom or dad often there may be signs they need more help around the house. The truth is if you notice certain signs it may be time to look into home care. Your mom or dad may not want to go to a nursing home and you need to find ways to respect their wishes. However, just because they are not in a nursing home does not mean they have no options when it comes to receiving help. Home care is one of the best ways to ensure your loved one can thrive in place independently. Here are some signs that home care might be the best option for them.

They Need Help With Chores

As a senior gets older the longer they are on their own, the less they can do. This is just how it works as someone ages in place and being able to do less is natural within reason. They may need to move things around or rearrange items and locations of things to help them stay independent. But the truth is home care can help your loved one with smaller chores. They can help with laundry, dishes, and wiping down counters. You may need to hire a professional house cleaner to do a deep clean for your mom or dad, but for everyday smaller tasks, home care can absolutely help your mom or dad which can allow them to thrive while aging in place.

A Senior Needs Help Bathing

If you notice your senior has a bad smell it could be because they are not able to bathe on their own. This is also not something many seniors want help with, especially from adult children. It can be more comforting to have elder care or another professional help them get in and out of the bath and it won’t make them feel like a burden. Find out why your mom or dad will not shower on their own and ask home care for solutions. There may be other reasons why a senior is avoiding the bathroom and it is important to identify where exactly a senior needs help so you’re not taking away their independence or putting their needs on the back burner.

Your Mom Needs Help Getting Dressed

Your mom or dad may need help getting dressed and you can usually tell if this is the case depending on what they end up wearing. If your loved one is only wearing one outfit it may be the only thing they can get on. Their wardrobes may need to be updated to allow them to be more independent as they age in place, but this is also something that home care can help with each morning and night.

They Need Transportation Help

If your loved one has stopped going out to community events or to the store or anywhere that they need to go to thrive, they need more help. Usually, driving is one of the last things a senior will give up. As a replacement for driving, home care can help your loved one get around when necessary.

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