Taking Care of Your Parents? How to Put Your Self Care First

Parents acting poorly is a seldom spoken topic of family caregiving, but you will hear examples if you ask. Parents who are sick or in pain, annoyed by the need for care, or who have dementia may sometimes say or do something cruel or inappropriate. Of course, you want to help your parents, but the truth is there are times you need to put your mental health first. It’s not always easy taking care of a senior parent. It’s okay to need extra help with this full-time task. 


Elder care professionals can help you take care of your seniors and give you a much-needed break from your parent. Some parents won’t want the extra help or may refuse your help, to begin with. This can be frustrating to deal with, and your mental health may start declining without the help of elder care professionals to give you a break. If things have been getting worse with your parents, here are some things you can do. 

Ask Yourself If Your Mom Needs To Go To The Doctor

Elder Care Palm Beach County, FL: Self Care

Elder Care Palm Beach County, FL: Self Care

Although not all bad behavior is because of physical symptoms, it is still recommended to seek medical consultation if your parent becomes violent, angry, or weird. A medical evaluation is particularly critical if your parent’s behavior changes abruptly or if your parent has difficulty communicating due to dementia or another ailment. Your parent’s physician may be able to address the underlying issue or completely remove the problematic behavior. If the problem is solved, this may help you focus on yourself after. 

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Although this is hard to achieve, you should never take anything your parents say or do personally. If they’re angry, chances are it has nothing to do, but since you’re with them, you become the scapegoat. Taking care of family members is not always easy, and that is why it can be nice to hire elder care assistance to help your family out. Giving yourself some distance while ensuring your parents are being taken care of can be a good way to let feelings go. The issue is made more difficult for family caregivers because we tend to think of our parents first and foremost as our parents, not as individuals suffering from often challenging and unpleasant cognitive changes.

Connect With Other Family Members Or Caregivers

If you have brothers or sisters and you feel like you need breaks from your mom or dad, it’s time to reach out to your family for more help. It’s okay to ask others for help and receive support when things become too challenging. Often, it takes a group of people to ensure senior life is healthy for the rest of their lives. If you are an only child, you may be able to find caregiver support groups at local churches or community centers to meet with others. This can give you time away from your parent and also a way to relate with others who are going through similar situations.

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