What Does Research Say About Aging at Home?

An AARP survey found that 76% of America’s 50+ want to age at home. Only 46% believe it’s possible.

Home Safety Is Critical

Home Care Palm Beach County, FL: Aging at Home

Home Care Palm Beach County, FL: Aging at Home

Your parents want to age at home, so what do you do to ensure it goes well? Start by making sure their home is prepared for their changing health and safety needs. A home safety inspection is important. Look for fall risks and address them.

This means grab bars, non-slip flooring, and sturdy rails on all interior and exterior stairs. Bright lighting and safety features like flashing lights on smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detectors are equally important.

Supportive Services Families May Need to Help With

Housekeeping is one of the best services to arrange for your mom and dad. Hire aides to vacuum, dust, and sanitize counters and hard surfaces. Your parents may need someone to help them remember to clean the cat litter, take out the trash, or run the dishwasher.

Moving around a heavy vacuum can be too much when your mobility changes. Household chores like laundry and shopping are also harder to manage as you age. All of that can be done by family members or home care aides.

Meals can be lonely and challenging for older adults. As joints stiffen, stamina decreases, and cognitive skills diminish, cooking a meal at all can seem impossible. It helps to have someone around to cook meals and eat with your parents.

Personal care and grooming are also important services your parents may need. Arthritis pain may make it hard for your mom to reach up and wash her hair. Your dad may not be able to bend down to cut his toenails. Having help styling hair, getting dressed, and applying moisturizer when needed.

Another aspect of personal care involves vitamin and mineral supplements and prescription medications. If your parents forget to take their daily pills, they need a system or person to remind them. Prescription refills may also be hard for your parents to manage without assistance.

Money management is another issue. Your parents may start forgetting when a bill is due. They may struggle to afford prescription medications, making it necessary to decide if heat, electricity, or groceries are less important. Someone may need to step in and help research lower prices and keep on top of household expenses.

A Strong Support Network is the Most Important 

Your parents need to have a strong support network. They should know their neighbors and have someone they can rely on who can come over in a hurry. Having adult children in town is ideal.

Home care aides are also part of a strong support network. If you know your mom has fallen while trying to go for a walk outside, hire home care aides to accompany her. Companionship services are essential for outside walks, trips to stores, and while exercising.

Talk to a home care specialist about our concerns as your parents age at home. The expert can talk about steps to take to make their home safe and what services ensure they have the help they need. Call now.

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