What Is Companion Care At Home?

Loneliness among seniors is reaching epidemic levels, and many experts are concerned about the impact of loneliness on seniors. More than one fourth of seniors are socially isolated, and the health risks associated with social isolation and loneliness can be very serious. Seniors who are lonely have an increased risk of serious illness like heart disease and depression. Companion are at home is a way for seniors to get the social interaction they need to stay healthy and happy as they get older at home.

Why Seniors Are Socially Isolated

Companion Care at Home Palm Beach County, FL: Seniors and Loneliness

Companion Care at Home Palm Beach County, FL: Seniors and Loneliness

There are many reasons why seniors become socially isolated. Often seniors become isolated after their spouse has passed away. Seniors also can suffer from loneliness if their children live far away or if the friends they had in the neighborhood have moved away or passed away. Sometimes seniors can’t easily get to social events with other friends or activities like church or bingo where they can hang out with other seniors. 

How Companion Care At Home Can Help

Companion care is a way for seniors to overcome social isolation. A companion who comes to your senior loved one’s house is a trusted friend that can provide the companionship that your senior loved one is lacking. When you live too far away to visit your senior parent often or if you work or have small kids and you can’t visit your senior loved one as often as you like companion care can provide steady and reliable visits from a companion who can do things like:

Watch TV And Movies

Does your senior loved one love old musicals? Or True Crime shows? Maybe your senior parent can’t get enough of old black and white movies. When your senior loved one’s companion care provider comes to visit they can watch TV and movies together and talk about them. 

Play Cards

Playing cards and board games are great activities for seniors, but they’re hard to do alone. Companion care gives seniors an activity partner that they can play games with. Playing cards, doing puzzles, and playing board games are all activities that can help seniors keep their cognitive skills strong and they are often recommended by doctors for seniors. When you don’t have the time to do activities with your senior loved one a care provider does. 

Provide Conversation

Conversation with another person is something that everyone needs. Companion care means that your senior loved one can sit down with a friend and talk about anything they like to talk to about from current events to crafts and pets and everything in between. Your senior loved one may even want to start reading new books and exploring new interests so that they have more topics to discuss with a care giver. Conversations can happen over meals that a care provider helps to prepare too, because everyone knows the best conversations happen over meals. Then you can be sure that your senior loved one is getting meals regularly as well as regular conversation. 

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