Who Benefits from Skilled Nursing Care?

Skilled nursing care is a type of care in which experienced nursing professionals come to visit your elderly family member in her home and resolve medical needs for her. She doesn’t have to worry about going to her doctor’s office or to the hospital to receive this care because she’s able to have her needs met at home. This is an excellent option when your senior has medical issues that require assistance often throughout the day, but who finds leaving her home to be difficult or impossible.

People Who Need Help Managing a Health Condition

Skilled Nursing Palm Beach County, FL: Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled Nursing Palm Beach County, FL: Skilled Nursing Services

Some health conditions need a little extra help to manage. Diabetes, heart failure, COPD, and more are all complicated health issues that require keeping track of a lot of different details. And if these health issues are worsening for your senior, it’s a huge benefit to her to be able to stay at home and have help come to her. Skilled nursing care professionals are able to help your senior to stay on target with her care plan, which can improve her overall health.

People Who Have Had Surgery

Surgery takes a big toll on your elderly family member’s body. There may be additional concerns, such as wound care and changing bandages. Having a nurse right there with your senior to help her ensures that there’s someone there who is knowledgeable and who can watch for signs of a change in your senior’s condition. 

People Who Need Mobility Assistance

Mobility concerns affect every aspect of your elderly family member’s life. She may have trouble with mobility for any number of reasons, ranging from blood sugar or blood pressure issues to physical difficulties with moving her body. And if she needs assistance with assistive devices, like a walker or wheelchair, it’s comforting for you to know that she’s got that help there with her. Skilled nursing care providers are able to help your senior with her mobility needs while focusing on safety. 

People Who Need Help with Health Appliances

Health appliances, like colostomy bags, make your senior’s life easier and help to manage health issues, but they might not be something that your elderly family member can manage on her own. Instead of guessing or struggling with these types of health appliances, it makes much more sense for your elderly family member to have help from skilled nursing care providers. They’re able to ensure that your senior has exactly what she needs.

People Who Need Assistance with Medication Management

Taking more than a few medications every day is also sometimes a big challenge. For your elderly family member, skipping or taking medications incorrectly might even have serious consequences. Some medications may even require assistance because they’re not as simple as swallowing a pill. Intravenous medications and other formats may be difficult for your elderly family member to manage on her own. 

Talk with your elderly family member’s doctor about whether skilled nursing care could be helpful for her. This type of assistance is an excellent way to ensure that your elderly family member’s medical needs are met and that she’s able to remain both safe and comfortable in her home.

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