The Best Skin Care Products For Seniors

Skincare is very important for seniors. As seniors get older their skin loses the fat pad underneath the skin that makes skin thick and elastic. As a result of losing that seniors can bruise easily, suffer from dry skin, and have other skin problems. In the winter it’s even more important for seniors to take good care of their skin. The dry indoor air, the cold outside, and bright sun when seniors do have to go outside can all damage their skin. 

Personal care at home is often helpful for seniors because it can help with activities of daily living like making sure that their skin is moisturized and protected. With personal care at home seniors are able to get the help they need with things like washing up in the morning, brushing their teeth, shaving, brushing their hair, and skincare. Some products that all seniors should have to take care of their skin are:


Personal Care at Home Palm Beach County, FL: Seniors and Skin Care

Personal Care at Home Palm Beach County, FL: Seniors and Skin Care

Every senior should be wearing sunscreen every day. Even if they are not planning on leaving the house the UV light from the sun can cause damage through windows, especially for seniors that live in places that get a lot of snow in the winter. The sun reflecting off the snow can cause be harsh on skin. And seniors should always wear sunscreen when they go out no matter what season it is. Sunscreen is the best thing that seniors can wear to protect their skin. 

Facial Moisturizers

Facial moisturizers should be worn by both senior men and senior women. The skin on the face is especially delicate and lotions and creams made for other body parts can be too rich and heavy for the face. They can cause oily skin, acne breakouts, and discoloration. Facial moisturizers are made to be lighter and more delicate and they are also filled with additives like vitamin E that can reduce the signs of skin aging. 

Body Oil

Body oils are a great alternative to heavy lotions for seniors. They are very moisturizing and last a long time but they absorb into skin much quicker than lotions. Seniors with personal care at home can have a caregiver apply the oil so that it isn’t messy and doesn’t spill or cause a risk of slipping. Applying body oil right after a bath or shower can seal in the moisture from the bath or shower and help prevent dry skin, especially in the winter. Because oils absorb faster they are great to use on areas of the skin where aging can cause skin folds, like the upper arms. Lotions can settle in those folds and cause bacterial infections or chafing. But oils absorb fast and cleanly leaving no residue and leaving the skin dry. 

Vitamin K Cream 

Vitamin K cream is the best home remedy for bruises, skin colorations, and spider veins. As seniors get older and are prone to bruising Vitamin K cream can help those bruises heal and minimize the discoloration of the skin caused by bruising.

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