What To Do When Your Senior Parent Is In The Hospital

No one wants to get that call that says your senior parent has fallen or had a health emergency and needs you at the hospital immediately. But for most family caregivers that call will come at some point. Once you’ve grabbed your go bag and gotten to the hospital what comes next?

After checking in and finding out where your senior loved one is and what happened you could be waiting for quite some time to see the doctor and find out what happens next. After making sure that your senior loved one is doing as well as possible you can get a jump on some things that will need to be done like:

Arrange for Senior Home Care

Senior Home Care Palm Beach County, FL: Seniors and Hospital Stays

Senior Home Care Palm Beach County, FL: Seniors and Hospital Stays

If your senior loved one has fallen or is going to need extra care at home until they recover you should make arrangements for senior home care. Senior home care is ideal for seniors who need extra support because they have been injured in a fall or they have a medical condition that makes it difficult for them to take care of themselves and the house without some help. By making arrangements for home care right away there will be someone available to help your senior parent as soon as they are released from the hospital. 

Call Family And Friends

While you are waiting to find out more about your senior loved one’s condition you can call or text family members and friends to give them an update on the situation. Staying busy and getting these kinds of tasks completed will help the time to pass more quickly while you wait. It’s also a good idea to jot down any questions that other family members have for the doctor so you can ask when you do see the doctor. 

Contact Their Insurance Company

It’s a smart idea to call your senior parent’s insurance company and find out what options are covered if your senior loved one needs to be admitted to the hospital for a length of time or if they need to go to a rehab facility. The insurance company may have partnerships with certain local rehab facilities and give discounts if your senior parent goes there instead of another local facility. 

Make Arrangements For Pets

Chances are good that your senior loved one may not be home for awhile if they are seriously injured or very ill. So if your senior parent has pets take advantage of this down time to figure out arrangements for the pets. You may need to have someone go to the house and let the dog out, or stay with the pets in the house for a few days while you figure out a more long-term plan. But your senior parent will be less stressed out and anxious if they know that their beloved pets are being taken care of while they are in the hospital or unable to take care of them. 

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