When Is Home Care Assistance Necessary?

As your dad gets older, you’re starting to wonder just how safe he is on his own. How do you tell when it’s time for him to have a caregiver from a local home care assistance agency helping out each week or even every day? What are the signs you should look for?

Your Dad’s Doctor Recommends It

Senior Home Care Palm Beach County, FL: Seniors and Home Care

Home Care Palm Beach County, FL: Seniors and Home Care

At his last check-up, your dad’s doctor recommended that he has home care assistance services. It could be he’s not eating properly or forgetting to take his medications. His doctor’s insight is a good guide to follow when it comes to your dad’s independence and ability to do things on his own.

Your Dad Struggles With Self-Care

Your dad has a harder time with self-care. He often skips meals as it’s too much work to cook something. He forgets to take his medications, and then doubles a dose when he remembers. Worse, he often forgets if he’s taken it or not, so he takes pills three or four times a day because he can’t remember.

Other things your dad may or not do includes cutting his toenails. If they’re so long they cut into neighboring toes, the risk of infection is great. Plus, foot pain increases the risk of a fall.

Your Dad’s Eye Doctor Said He Should Stop Driving

When he had his eye exam, your dad’s optometrist suggested it was time to stop driving. His peripheral vision is diminishing, and he can’t fully check his blind spot for that reason. He may have a common eye disease like cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration that makes it too risky for him to drive.

It may not be his eye doctor telling him to stop. Your dad’s general practitioner says his arthritis in the back is limiting his ability to fully turn to look behind him. He has Alzheimer’s and shouldn’t drive as it progresses. If he can’t drive anymore, he needs transportation services.

Your Dad Fell and His Mobility Was Affected

Your dad was walking down his steps to go to the mailbox and fell. Maybe he was getting out of his car and lost his balance or stepped out of the bathtub and slipped. No matter why he fell, it’s important to address safety measures to prevent another fall.

He might benefit from having a caregiver around to help him when he’s walking up and down the stairs inside and outside of his home. Your dad’s caregiver may need to hold onto him when he’s stepping out of his tub or shower.

If he takes medications that make him feel lightheaded, your dad should have someone with him for an hour or two after taking the pills. If he does get lightheaded, his caregiver can walk him to the sofa or chair and help him sit down.

Talk to a home care assistance advisor about your dad’s care needs. Whether he needs help every day or a few times a week, an advisor can help you make the necessary arrangements.

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