How Can You Get Your Mom to Engage With Others When She’s So Shy?

Your mom is incredibly shy. It’s causing her to distance herself from others, and she definitely doesn’t socialize or leave her house much. How can you get her to engage with others when she is shy? Here are some tips that can get her to move past her social anxiety and shyness.

Start Small

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Don’t push your mom into a big gathering. Start small. Have one person over while you’re there, and encourage your mom to chat. As her comfort increases, add another person to the group.

Focus her confidence building on family members and close friends. Don’t push her into socializing with relatives or neighbors she barely knows. If she has some connection, it makes it easier to enter a conversation.

Meet Your Mom in Her World

Does your mom have a hard time hearing people? If she does, it may cause her to withdraw from social interactions. If she can’t understand or hear what someone is saying, it’s harder to hold an entire conversation.

If you know your mom has hearing loss, make sure that those talking to her speak slowly and speak up. That may be all that’s needed for her to feel confident during a social event.

Consider Therapy

If your mom has social anxiety, which is one of the more common forms of anxiety, have her talk to a therapist. It often helps to get to the root of the fear with an expert. Her therapist may have her work in group therapy sessions where she learns to talk to others she doesn’t know.

Let Her Vocalize Her Fears

Be sure your mom has the chance to talk about where her anxieties lie. Your mom may not be comfortable with her body size. She’s gained weight over the years, and it’s lowered her self-confidence.

When she has anxieties based on a personal attribute or feature, letting her talk about it may help. Sometimes, a new haircut or outfit can help her feel better about how she looks around others. Or, she may need to socialize within her home with one or two people.

Arrange Companionship Services

Your mom can’t avoid others altogether. Her mental and physical health depend on socialization to prevent loneliness and isolation. Caregivers can offer companionship services. They’ll come by to chat, watch TV, or play games.

With companionship services from caregivers, your mom can socialize with someone within her home. Call a home care agency to learn more about caregivers and their prices.

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