5 Benefits of Home Health Care for Seniors with Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness: Home Health Care Palm Beach County FL

Chronic Illness: Home Health Care Palm Beach County FL

When your dad has been diagnosed with a chronic health issue, he needs to follow the steps his doctors have given him. But, it can also be challenging for him and a family caregiver with minimal experience in some of the more medical aspects of care. Have you considered the benefits of home health care?

Incision Care

Your dad had to have surgery as part of the treatment plan for his health condition. Caring for an incision requires attention to detail to protect from infection. The incision must be bandaged properly to prevent air or water from getting to it before the surgeon says it can be exposed to both. It has to be cleaned properly.

Catheter and Feeding Tube Care

Helping your dad with a catheter is impossible for you, but he needs one. You are not comfortable helping him with it, but he needs the help until it’s safe to remove it. Home health care nurses handle catheter care and can remove it when the doctor says it’s okay.

If your dad needs a feeding tube, that can also be challenging for a family caregiver. There’s no reason to stress out over care of the tube and feedings when a nurse is helping out.

Medication Administration

With a condition like terminal cancer, your dad doesn’t want to be in a hospital or nursing home, but there are medications he needs for the pain and discomfort. Home health care services provide medication administration services.

His nurses can give him medications orally or through an IV line or injection. If his medication needs to change, his doctors will consult with the nurses. Doses are increased as directed without him having to go to his doctor for a quick health assessment.

At-Home Therapy Sessions

Some chronic health issues make it hard to leave the home. A stroke, cancer, and ALS are all examples. If your dad cannot easily get in and out of a car and in and out of a home or medical office, attending therapy is impossible.

Home health care services bring speech, physical, and occupational therapists to your dad’s home. He gets the therapeutic services he needs without having to go outside until he’s able.

Diabetes Education

Your dad has diabetes and needs to learn how to prepare healthy meals, check his blood sugar levels, and when to inject insulin. He needs to learn how much insulin to use and how to address sugar spikes and dips.

A home health care nurse can teach your family how to choose foods that are better for your dad. You’ll learn what he should and shouldn’t eat, how much to eat, and how to compensate for sugar spikes and dips using insulin or glucose.

Home health care helps your dad avoid rehospitalization due to limited or improper care. With a nurse helping your dad with the doctor’s recommended daily routines, he heals well and avoids some of the missteps that happen with chronic illnesses. A home health care specialist can help your family make suitable arrangements.

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