24-Hour Home Care Helps Seniors with Vision Issues

Vision Loss: 24-Hour Home Care Palm Beach County FL

Vision Loss: 24-Hour Home Care Palm Beach County FL

Vision loss is one of the many changes seniors face as they age. This can be especially difficult as they cannot rely on other senses, such as hearing. Additionally, vision loss might make seniors worry about moving from their homes. Knowing how to help seniors with vision loss, with the support of medical professionals or 24-hour home care, is essential.

Attend Routine Vision Visits

One of the best ways to stay on top of vision issues is to ensure seniors attend appointments with the ophthalmologist. The American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests that those over 65 should have their eyes checked every one to two years, depending on their needs. At this visit, doctors will also dilate their eyes to assess for any issues.

Seniors with transportation issues can rely on home care professionals for transportation and assistance in understanding what is discussed during the visit. Knowing this is an option provides relief for loved ones that may not be able to attend due to distance or time constraints.

Discuss possible issues with seniors and their 24-hour home care professionals consistently. Things that might be noticed by loved ones or support team members are listed below.

  • Increased squinting when trying to focus on words
  • Knocking things over or bumping into things while walking
  • Decreasing hobbies that require vision, like reading or sewing
  • Decreased hand-eye coordination
  • Being overly cautious when walking

These changes should also be discussed with medical professionals to assess if the behavior is due to medication or vision issues. The sooner concerns are addressed, the better.

Assisting Seniors With Low Vision

In addition to 24-hour home care assistance, seniors with low vision issues can benefit from good lighting. Their home should be well-lit, without glare. Be mindful of how lighting affects the space. Certain light bulbs can be harsh, and the lighting might be tricky for seniors.

Consider adding task lighting where seniors enjoy reading, working on games, or playing cards. Lamps are perfect for this, especially lamps with adjustable necks that are lightweight for seniors to move around.

In the kitchen, consider under-counter lighting that illuminates a wide space. Additionally, consider path lighting for hallways and nightlights to help with safety when seniors get up in the middle of the night.

Considering Safety Issues

When assessing the home for safety issues, ensure that hallways and rooms are easily accessible. Declutter spaces that may be dangerous, and remove tripping hazards that might cause problems for those with low vision. When rearranging, be mindful of seniors’ needs and feelings. Many seniors might feel violated if they do not have a say in the new arrangement.

Consider adding features in the home that are made for people with low vision. This might include remotes and phones with larger buttons, smart lights that turn on according to a schedule, or magnification units that allow seniors to continue enjoying hobbies such as crafting.

When faced with aging, seniors need to continue to feel in control. Having a supportive team on their side helps them feel valued and understood. Enlist the help of 24-hour home care professionals to discuss changes with seniors and perhaps incorporate them over time, so it doesn’t seem as overwhelming.

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