What Tasks Do Family Caregivers Help With Most Often?

There are 41.8 million family caregivers in the U.S. More than half of them provide care to a parent. Long-term care needs are the principal reason for this care. Lack of mobility, old age, and Alzheimer’s disease are the three most common reasons adult children care for a parent.

When it comes to helping a parent, there are activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). Most family caregivers help their parents with an average of two ADLs and an average of four IADLs. What are the most common tasks family caregivers help their parents complete?

Ambulation and Mobility

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Almost half of family caregivers have to help their parents get out of bed. They also have to help their parents get to and from the bathroom to use the toilet, stand up or sit down on a sofa or chair, and walk up and down the home’s interior and exterior stairs.


While not as common as some other tasks, 27% of older adults require assistance taking a bath or shower. Arthritis pain can make it hard to wash and rinse hair properly. Standing up for an extended period is also tricky.


Knowing what to wear is one challenge older adults face, especially if dementia is present. Knowing if it’s going to be too warm for a sweater or too cold for a t-shirt is challenging.

Arthritis and worsening mobility can make it hard to stand and tie shoes, zip pants, button a shirt, and pull on pants while standing up.


With arthritis pain affecting mobility and weakening muscle strength, standard housekeeping tasks like vacuuming, dusting, doing dishes, carrying and washing laundry, and cleaning surfaces is more complex. Older adults may stop cleaning effectively, which puts them at risk of food poisoning, allergies, and tripping on clutter.

Meal Preparation

As your parents get older, they have a more challenging time planning and preparing meals. Cooking for one person is tough when you’re used to cooking for an entire family. Standing and chopping meats and vegetables when you have arthritis is exhausting. It’s easier and safer to have someone else cook.


Shopping for groceries, prescriptions, and household items is another ordinary care need for the elderly. In fact, 78% of family caregivers report that they help with that IADL.


Eight out of ten family caregivers report that transportation is the leading reason they help their parents. Their parents no longer drive due to health or vision issues, so they take them to stores, medical offices, etc.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed as you help your mom and dad with these ADLs and IADLs? You’re not alone. Call a home care expert and ask about the benefits and costs of having home care aides helping you take care of your parents.

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