Six Ways Companion Care Helps With Confidence

Your dad lives alone, and he’s losing confidence in his ability to take care of himself. It’s time to address the benefits of companion care and how the services help boost your dad’s confidence.


He Doesn’t Have to Move From His Home

Companion Care at Home Palm Beach County, FL: Companion Care and Confidence

Companion Care at Home Palm Beach County, FL: Companion Care and Confidence

One of the biggest issues seniors face as they age is a home that’s too much to manage. A family home with enough bedrooms and multiple levels is great for a growing family, but all of the extra area to clean and maintain can become challenging as mobility and stamina change.

Your dad is lacking the same confidence levels as he ages. He still walks around, but stairs are trickier for him. That makes it hard for him to check the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms to see if they need cleaning. He finds it hard to go down the basement stairs to the laundry room.

With companion care services, he doesn’t have to downsize. He can tend to rooms on the main level and let caregivers handle cleaning chores on other levels of his home.


Some of His Fall Risks Are Reduced

With companion care services, your dad’s fall risk decreases. He’s not risking his safety going up and down the stairs. If he has a hard time stepping out of the shower when his feet are wet, his caregiver is there to hold onto him. 

His caregiver also keeps the house clean and organized, which reduces the fall risk. Nothing is on the floor where it can trip him. If your dad needs something on an upper shelf in his kitchen, his caregiver can get it for him or spot him when he uses a step stool.


He’ll Eat Healthy Meals

Your dad has never been one to cook full meals. He’s not confident in the kitchen, so he sticks to packaged meals, canned soup and pasta dishes, and frozen dinners. None of it provides the nutrition he really needs.

A caregiver can help him prepare the meals he should be eating. He’ll have a helping hand and gain confidence with planning and preparing meals that meet his nutritional needs.


He’s Not Alone on Trips Outside the House

When your dad needs to go grocery shopping, he isn’t very confident. He’s used to writing a check, not running a card on a machine. Another issue he has is reading the labels on products. Fine print is way too small for his aging eyes. With a caregiver’s help, shopping trips are no longer a struggle.


He Has a Caregiver’s Support During Daily Routines

Your dad’s caregiver is there to support him as he completes his daily tasks. His caregiver can remind him when to feed his pets or let them out for a bathroom break. He has a caregiver’s help cleaning his home. If he needs help scheduling appointments or prescription refills, that’s an option.


He Remains Engaged and Social

A companion care aide provides socialization. Your dad has someone to talk to when he’s at home or taking walks around his neighborhood. If he needs a ride to an area senior center for a luncheon or special event, he has a ride. He remains social and engaged in his community.

Aging doesn’t have to be lonely or isolating. Arrange companion care at home to support your dad when he lives alone. He’ll have the help he needs to stay engaged and social in his community. Talk to a specialist in companion care at home to get started.

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