Review of the Best Senior Care in Florida

It is important to know how properly choose the types of long-term care options available to you or a loved one who is need of senior care. This includes the types of care options available to you, how to pay for services and what alternatives may be available to traditional nursing home or facility based care.

When searching for the best senior care in West Palm Beach, Florida, the top 3 companies that appear are Morselife, Always Best Care Senior Services and Eldercare At Home Inc. Here is some information about these top three results, including the services they provide for your aging lived one and why Elite Senior Home Care is the best choice for meeting your senior care needs.


Morselife is a health care and housing service that meets the needs of over 2,200 seniors in the West Palm Beach community. They provide a wide range of senior care services, including long-term care, short-term rehabilitation services, home care, counseling, meals-on-wheels, and participate in the Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE).

Always Best Care (ABC) Senior Services

Always Best Care or ABC Senior Services provides different types of assisted living facility care. This care include assisted living facilities, independent living communities, residential care facilities for the elderly, continuing care retirement communities, memory care homes (for those suffering from forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease) and skilled nursing facilities. These different types of care facilities are designed to provide a degree of independent living while also assisting with the needs of a senior in order to age with dignity.

Eldercare At Home Inc.

Eldercare At Home Inc. offers services that focus on Alzheimer’s and dementia care as well as senior home care services for the greater West Palm Beach area. Eldercare provides trained and experienced CNAs, HHAs and home care companions that have been pre-screened. The services provided by Eldercare At Home Inc. helps meet those needs specific to the care of a loved one who requires around the clock care or rehabilitation.

Why Elite Senior Home Care Tops Them All

The services and levels of care provided above for West Palm Beach stand in contrast to the best care provided by Elite Senior Home Care. Elite Senior Home Care was established as a locally-owned, private duty and skilled agency for meeting the individual needs of seniors. The types of care provided by Elite Senior Home Care includes those that are home based, within an assisted living facility or traditional nursing home setting. Care is provided on a daily, 24-hour basis, which also includes care during the weekends and holidays.

The healthcare professionals employed by Elite Senior Home Care are skilled professionals, possessing the required credentials, are highly trained and properly vetted to ensure that only the best caregivers work with you or your loved ones. Elite Senior Home Care accepts a wide range of insurance coverage and provides you with an affordable, comprehensive solution for meeting your senior care needs.