If your parent lives alone, as his caregiver, you are likely aware that holidays such as Valentine’s Day can be especially lonely. Sometimes a holiday that is supposed to be joyous, can bring on a sense of melancholy as your parent remembers holidays in the past spent with his spouse or young children.  

While you might have your own personal Valentine’s Day celebrations to organize and partake in, your elderly parent will appreciate a little time carved out celebrating the holiday with him. Here are some ideas for quick little outings that your parent may enjoy as you celebrate your love for each.  

(Please keep in mind, many states have different rules regarding which types of venues are open for business right now. If you do plan to attend an open venue, practice safety guideline recommended by the location and the CDC to keep your parent safe and healthy.)  

  • Go to a museum. If your parent has a passion for art, science or history, many cities have museums that can be explored while keeping socially

    Caregiver Palm Beach County, FL: Valentine’s Day

    distant from other guest.  

  • Visit a park or garden. Depending on your current weather patterns, heading outside for a stroll around an art park or a brightlycolored flower garden could be a great way to lift your parent’s spirits and show your love for him. Sometimes being a caregiver can equate to completing so many tasks for your parent, you forget to just hang out together. A garden or park will give you that chance.  
  • Volunteer Together. Many face-to-face volunteer activities are currently on hold, but if your parent has always found joy in serving others, this Valentine’s Day you could serve alongside him by cleaning up a park or delivering meals for those in need.  
  • Have a painting party outside. Why not gather up a couple blank canvasses, some paints and easels and head to the local park to paint the beauty right in front of you? So long as social distant guidelines are maintained and masks are worn, you could make this a family event and have all the children and grandchildren join you in the beautiful outdoors (weather permitting, of course) to create mini masterpieces of art.  
  • Go on a day trip around your state. Are there beautiful areas to drive around and celebrate the uniqueness of your state? Maybe a gorgeous shoreline or a majestic state park? Even a big city’s bright skyline can be a fun day trip with your parent. Find your parent’s favorite music and put on a station featuring it as you drive around and appreciate what makes your state wonderful.  

If February 14th is a day that doesn’t allow you much time to make plans that last the entire day or even a few hours, talk to your parent about celebrating Valentine’s Day with him on a weekend or other day of the week that will allow you to really enjoy your time together and not rush through it. You’ll create special memories for him and for you that will last for years to come.  


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