October 25th National Art Day and How to Celebrate With Seniors

Every month there are tons of fun ways that companion care at home can keep seniors entertained. One of the biggest duties of caregivers is to provide companionship to seniors. They can be the ones to meal prep for seniors, come up with fun activities for them to do, and keep them on a regular routine. Companion care at home is one of the best ways to ensure a senior can age in place gracefully.

On October 25th, it’s time to tell your parents’ caregiver about National Art Day. This may be a great day for companion care at home to offer your parents a ride to an art museum and stroll them around the exhibits. If the senior doesn’t feel like going out, that’s okay! There are tons of things a caregiver can do with a senior to help celebrate this day.

It is one of the best chances to promote self-expression through art and a way to celebrate a national day that shows off the love of art. This is the day to celebrate human expression in unique and fun ways. Here is a list of activities that companion care at home can compile. Keep in mind that even though National Art Day is on October 25th, if a senior enjoys it, the caregiver can keep the activities going for much longer.

Activities to Celebrate National Art Day

Companion Care at Home Palm Beach County, FL: National Art Day

There are so many activities that can involve art you won’t have a shortage of ideas. Seniors can invite their grandkids over to do small art projects or they can do bigger art projects with the companion care at home. Here are some things to try out this year.

Paint By Numbers

One of the coolest things about ordering paint by numbers online is that you can also choose a personalized option. Some Etsy stores allow you to upload a photo and they print it as a paint by numbers. If a senior has a favorite memory with a photo, take a picture of it and print it out for them. This is one of the coolest ways to celebrate National Art Day. Be sure to buy a magnifying glass in case the numbered pieces are small.

Painting Pottery

Some pottery shops now allow to-go boxes. Companion care at home can go to a pottery shop and pick up a few colors of paints and dishes. Then the senior and guest can paint the afternoon away. Later on the caregiver can go back and drop them off to be fired and glazed.

Rock Art

If your loved one has a garden one of the funnest activities to do that also encourages self-expression is rock art. They can either buy smooth rocks to paint or find some from the yard to clean. This is also something great to do with any grandkids.

Paint Ornaments

The holiday season is almost here and this can be an excellent day to start painting ornaments. It’s fun, simple, and can last for as long as the senior has interest. They can be left out to dry and hung up later on in the year.

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