Is Your Mom Making These Common Mistakes After Falling?

Around 20% of all falls lead to serious injuries, including bone fractures and head injuries. Approximately three million people end up in the ER after a fall. Your mom fell and became part of these statistics. After the fall, is she making some of these common mistakes?

Allowing Fear to Limit Activities

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Your mom was outside walking when she fell. She’s now afraid she’ll fall again, so she stops taking her daily walk. That’s one of the worst things to do. She needs the exercise, and walking is one of the best ways to loosen the joints.

If she’s worried about falling again, she could walk with someone else. Have a caregiver stop by to take her for walks. Talk to her doctor about arranging physical therapy for your mom to build muscle tone and improve balance to prevent additional falls.

She’s Ignoring Arthritis Pain

Your mom’s joints hurt, especially when she’s been sitting for a while. She figures it’s arthritis, and she can do nothing to stop that from happening. She needs to address arthritis pain. Her doctor may advise physical therapy to strengthen muscles to help the joints. She might need to learn how to use heat or ice or arthritis creams to ease the pain.

She can also talk to her doctor about using medications like ibuprofen to ease the pain. She’ll learn how to use these over-the-counter NSAIDs responsibly safely. If the pain is severe, the doctor may recommend other treatment options. If it eases the discomfort, it’s worthwhile for her to at least listen to the different options.

Not Telling Others After a Fall

Your mom fell, and she’s embarrassed. She didn’t tell her doctor. It would help if you got her to tell her doctor. If she falls, she needs to be honest and talk about what led to the fall. If her daily prescription pills are making her dizzy, there may be better options. It could be time for an eye exam if she tripped on something because she couldn’t see it in the shadows.

Is she hiding it because she knows her house is a mess? If she tripped over clutter, gather the family and help her get the house organized and clean. Once that’s done, you can hire caregivers to help her keep everything organized.

Home care assistance helps your mom regain confidence after a fall. With caregivers available to help her with laundry, housework, and daily exercise routines, she never feels that she’s alone. Call a specialist in home care assistance to learn more.

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