Sometimes, one of the harder tasks families face is finding ways for teens and grandparents to remain close. It can be especially frustrating if your parents are a little old-fashioned and tend to speak their mind about today’s young adults. You want your teens to be close to their grandparents and enjoy the intergenerational bond. What can you do? 
Talk to Both Your Teens and Your Parents

Senior Care Palm Beach County, FL: Connecting Through Board Games

Take the time to talk to your teens about the differences between growing up now versus when your parents were their age. It helps them to have a better understanding of how parenting was handled. While your parents likely faced physical punishments if they misbehaved, your teens have probably not experienced that. It helps them to understand why your parents say and do the things they do. 
Make sure you also talk to your parents about the changes in parenting and experiences faced with growing up. If they take the time to look into your teens’ lives, they may learn to change what they say. Gentle reminders will help them the rest of the time. 
Once you have your teens and parents on common ground, it’s time to find activities they can do together. Board games are a great place to start. 
Types of Board Games Available Today 
Whether your parents like card games or classic board games with spinners and dice, there are plenty of options. Ask your teens for advice. They probably know of some games they’d like to introduce to their grandparents. 
In Azul, you’re a competing artisan decorating the walls of the palace with the right type and number of artistic tiles. Don’t waste any tiles and earn the highest score. 
Codenames is a bestselling word game for teams of two players. Your teammate knows your spies/agents only by their codenames. It’s your job to get your teammate to guess the right words from the cards on the table without helping opposing teams with their words or getting the assassin card. 
How about a trivia game that delves into all the things you should know but probably don’t? I Should Have Known That! has questions like “What does the acronym GPS stand for?” or “Does the Statue of Liberty hold the torch in her left or right hand?” 
Do Your Parents Have Support When It’s Needed? 
Make sure your parents have support when they need it. They live at home and enjoy their independence. That doesn’t mean they have to struggle to get things done. A helping hand from a senior care aide can go a long way. 
With senior care services, your parents can have weekly companions to help them with housework and laundry. They have someone around to eat dinner with them and clean up after. Call an agency to learn more.


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