Easy Ways To Get Seniors To Eat More Vegetables

Malnutrition is something that seniors need to be very careful to avoid. Some studies show that as many as 50% of seniors could be malnourished. Sometimes malnourished means that seniors aren’t eating enough food. But it can also mean that seniors aren’t eating the right foods and they’re not getting the nutrients they need. If your senior loved one doesn’t eat enough vegetables and healthy foods and is in danger of becoming malnourished try these simple things to get your senior parent to eat more vegetables:

Get In-Home Care To Help With Meals

In-Home Care Palm Beach County, FL: Seniors and Healthy Eating

In-Home Care Palm Beach County, FL: Seniors and Healthy Eating

In-home care helps seniors who are aging in place in many ways. But one of the most important ways that in-home care can help seniors is cooking and preparing meals, shopping, and cleaning up after meals. With the support of a care provider your senior loved one is able to eat healthier meals that include the recommended amounts of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. It’s very common for seniors to avoid making meals with vegetables because they can’t open cans, chop vegetables, or cook vegetables easily. When your senior parent has help they are more likely to eat healthy meals. 

Get A Subscription To A CSA

Nearly every community now has at least one Community Supported Agriculture subscription box, and most places have several that you can choose from. When you purchase a CSA subscription for your senior parent a box filled with locally grown, seasonal, farm-fresh produce will be delivered to your senior parent on a regular basis. Your senior parent can enjoy the best local fresh vegetables all year long and that is a big incentive to get them to eat more vegetables. 

Get A Chest Freezer And Fill It

If your senior loved one relies on frozen vegetables because they don’t often eat fresh vegetables before they go bad then you can help them eat more vegetables by making sure they have frozen vegetables. Invest in a chest freezer that can go in the garage, laundry room, or other out of the way area. Then fill it with the foods that your senior loved one likes including things like a variety of frozen vegetables and meats. Then your senior loved one will always have nutritious foods that they can eat even when they are not able to get to the store. 

Stock Up On Chutneys And Salsas

Fresh vegetables are the best for seniors. But canned and frozen vegetables are good options for seniors who either prefer them or can’t get out to shop every few days for fresh produce. You can also encourage your senior parent to eat more vegetables by keeping their pantry full of chutneys and salsas that are made with high quality fruits and vegetables. Chutneys and salsas are delicious and don’t require any cooking at all. Your senior loved one can eat them on chips, toast, or just plain to get the nutrition they need from vegetables and fruit. 

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