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Client Testimonials

“The excellent services provided in this establishment is only of real caring and love. The staff are so well train that it shows in the way they handle its customers as family members. These people are amazing!!!”  – Leo G.


“Elite Care stepped in at the most stressful time and organized everything and gave us so much relief. They made whatever we needed work and let us give our Dad quality of life till the end.”      – Jill S.


“Just want you to know how truly grateful I am to have met you and for everything you’ve done for my dad mom and I. You have been so personally generous and kind (beyond ‘the job’) that words cannot adequately express my sentiments. You and your ‘people’ have been a God-send to us and I thank you from the bottom (and top!) Of my heart.”  – Faith L.


“We are so grateful for all of your help and concern, although it took mom a bit to get adjusted it was the best thing for her.”
– The Alvarez Family


“It was a pleasure working with Christina and Dolores, as well as many of the ladies that cared for my father. I will never forget what they did to make his final year with us as wonderful as they did. They enriched his life and I know they feel the same about him. I would highly recommend this company. They are phenomenal.”  – Robin Laurie Jordan


“Although we are no longer using the agency it was good while it lasted. My dad really enjoyed having the company but he ended up needing more care so as a family we decided to move him to a facility. Even now he asks for his caregiver. They took the time out to read to him and just converse with him which he really enjoyed. All in all things went well and the family was very happy with the services for dad.” – Susan